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Retail pricelist

Prices for the models in the MagHub series



$349 MagHubcap CC Decoder and Data Recovery
$495 MagHubcap CG Decoder and Data Recovery and Character Generator
$495 MagHubcap T2 Decoder and Data Recovery and Program Ratings w/Text 2 Overlay
$595 MagHubcap CGT2 All of the above

Prices for models in the CCE Series
Price Model Description
$1,595 CCEPlus NTSC Closed Captioning Encoder Card for PC

Prices for models in the CTB21 Series (phasing out)
Price Model Description
$1,695 CTB21B First unit includes capture scheduling software
$1,295 CTB21B All units after the first



Price for the CVB21 Series ( New !)
Price Model Description
$1,895 CTB21B Standard broadcast quality unit

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