SoftTouch, Inc.
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About SoftTouch, Inc.

"SoftTouch is an aggressive design and development company specializing in broadcast and video media products and systems applications utilizing video data insertion and recovery techniques."

SoftTouch, Inc. was incorporated in 1989 primarily to provide software consulting services to the major closed captioning organizations as well as providing continuing support to orphaned process control and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems (SCADA) . SoftTouch quickly expanded beyond closed captioning to encompass the larger world of video data services.

In 1990, SoftTouch added hardware design capabilities by bringing in personnel with exceptional video electronic background and experience. SoftTouch won Broadcast Engineering's Pick Hit Award for product innovation at the 1992 National Association of Broadcaster's convention in Las Vegas.

SoftTouch is among the leading providers of closed captioning and related equipment to broadcasters as well as all levels of post production facilities. SoftTouch also provides custom design engineering, prototyping, and limited production runs for major broadcast networks and television and component manufacturers.

SoftTouch builds on its current product line by remaining active in product development, turnkey systems development, and industry consulting. SoftTouch served on the influential Television Data Systems Subcommittee of the EIA's Consumer Electronics Group and is a member of the National Association of Broadcasters. The principals are patent holders in the consumer video arena and have assisted others in securing patents for themselves.

SoftTouch also provides continuing support, modification, and upgrades for SCADA and process control systems for a major automobile manufacturer and a major metropolitan transportation agency.

Supporting SoftTouch’s engineering and software design capabilities are complete equipped on-site engineering design and test labs and several computer workstations. Our assembly plant is suitable for low volume electronic circuit board assembly, including a state of the art surface mount technology workstation.

Although incorporated in Delaware, SoftTouch is headquartered in Landoverl, Maryland.


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