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CVB-21  4 Channel Video Bank & Caption Data Recovery





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The CVB-21 is the successor to the popular CTB-21. This is a multi-purpose video bank and closed caption data recovery device. It has 4 independent video inputs and 4 independent caption recovery channels. This allows you to monitor and capture closed caption (and XDS) data from 4 independent Video sources at the same time. It communicates with a host PC through a single USB-B Female connector. Although the device connects to your data gathering unit through this single USB port, it appears to your device to be a USB-Hub combining 4 separate data channels. When used with the readily available FTDI drivers, the CVB-21 will appears as 4 separate COM ports. Recovered caption data is sent to the host via these USB COM ports.

Each of the 4 COM ports can be configured by a user accessible dipswitch that enables Field 1 and/or Field 2 Data. The CVB 21 maintains a unity-gain of the input video and produces a broadcast quality output..

CVB21 Rear Panel



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Desk top: 7" wide by 9" deep.

Rack mount: 19" wide, 1 rack unit high, 9" deep, 2 lbs.

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Coming soon.

$1,895.00 List price.


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